ZWERG 'Played Wits' (Waspy Mic Mac) [Chart Magazine, April 2001]
Darrin Keene [Toronto, ON -National]

Jason Betts displays the kind of uncanny Canadian talent that only gets airplay on late-night CBC radio and campus stations. This is a shame because the Moncton pianist creates alluring pop tunes under the name Zwerg. His latest release, Played Wits, is equal parts quirky new wave and virtuosic piano-pop, riding extended song structures that never sound tired. Betts's neurotic vocal delivery and lyrical profundity bring to mind The The's Matt Johnson, placing him in very fine company. In all, Played Wits is true iconoclastic pop that bridges the gap between the fringe and the mainstream. (Contact:
-- DK
-- Darrin Keene; Chart, Canada's Music Magazine; April, 2001